EasyPrep HY Genomic DNA
Extraction Kit

EasyPrep HY Genomic DNA Extraction Kit is based on special buffer system for many kinds of sample’s gDNA extraction. Simple centrifugation processing completely removes contaminants and enzyme inhibitors such as proteins and divalent cations. Purified DNA is rehydrated by DNA Dissolving Buffer, ready for use in downstream applications.

DNA purified by EasyPrep HY Genomic DNA Extraction Kit is highly suitable for restriction analysis, PCR analysis, Southern blotting, and cDNA library.
Feature and Benefits
1.  Suitable for many types of sample.
2.  Low limit of sample volume.
3.  High-quality purified DNA can be obtained in 1 hour.
4. The high pure genomic DNA can be used directly in downstream applications.

Q1.在使用EasyPrep HY Genomic DNA Extraction Kit萃取DNA的時候,DNA的pellet會有點灰黑色,是否正常?



Q2.EasyPrep HY Genomic DNA Extraction Kit(TE-GD01)當中的RNase濃度為多少?




A:建議使用HY genomic DNA萃取套組,並參考體液萃取的步驟,此外精子在萃取前建議先等待其液化後再做