2X Tools Taq PCR MasterMix

2× ToolsTaq PCR MasterMix is a 2× concentrated, optimized mixture composed of ToolsTaq DNA polymerase, dNTPs, MgCl2, reaction buffer, PCR reaction enhancer, optimizer and stabilizer. The advantages of 2× ToolsTaq PCR MasterMix include high convenience, sensitivity, specificity and stability. It minimizes man-made errors during PCR operating process. 2× ToolsTaq PCR MasterMix is suitable for routine PCR reaction, amplification of complex templates such as GC-rich templates (>60%) and templates with secondary structure, and large-scale gene detection.
Feature and Benefits
1. Convenient: ready-to-use mix
2. High specificity and sensitivity of PCR
3. Amplification of long targets up to 6 kb from genomic DNA

2X Tools Taq PCR MasterMix w/ Loading Dye (blue)