HR Pre-Stained Protein Marker

HR Pre-Stain Protein Marker is ready-to-use and pre-mixed with loading buffer for direct loading 5 μl on gel electrophoresis. This product does not need further dilution or addition of any reducing agent. After running the gel, the marker yields the following 10 discrete fragments (in KDa): 170, 130, 93, 70 (red), 53, 41, 30, 22(green), 14, and 9.
Feature and Benefits
1. Size range : 10 proteins spanning 9 to 170 kDa
2. Ready-to-use : supplied in a loading buffer for direct loading on gels, no need to boil
3. Sharp bands : color-coded bands of similar intensity for easy visualization
4. Quality tested : each lot evaluated by SDS-PAGE and Western blotting
5. Membrane-compatible: colored bands transfer to membranes for Western blotting

HR Pre-Stained Protein Marker (10-170kDa)