TOOLS Mag-Beads-Protein A

Protein A bindsmost classes and subclasses of immunoglobulins from Goat, Rabbit, Mouse and Human. Protein A beads are produced using genetically engineered form of Protein A. TOOLS Mag-Beads-Protein A is designed as a rapid and simple tool or immunoprecipitation, purification/ depletion assays, and other magnetic separation applications. Antibody can easily bind to the TOOLS Mag-Beads due to its’ high affinity with protein A. Via the antibody specific binding ability, the target protein along with TOOLS Mag-Beads -Protein A could be temporarily immobilized at tube wall, so the other parts in the supernatant can be removed easily and efficiently magnetic attraction.
Feature and Benefits
1. High binding affinity.
2. Low background.
3. Do not centrifuge.
4. Application: Immunoprecipitation (IP) Chromatin IP (ChIP) Pull-down assay Purification of IgG (antibody)

TOOLS Mag-Beads-Protein A



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